What change brings

Innovation can lead to unexpected opportunity. As technology advances further, people realise that there are possibilities beyond the scope of the original innovation. Exfluency™ has seized this opportunity with language by harnessing the power of human and machine.

Unintended benefits

Change can bring a whole new purpose to familiar items. Take mobile phones, for example. When they were first introduced, people marvelled at the new-found freedom to make calls while on the move. But with technological advances, the original purpose of the mobile phone has been reimagined and expanded beyond recognition.

Mobile phones have become smart devices, offering instant access to knowledge, the ability to communicate face-to-face on-screen, share images and videos, livestream content and so much more. Back in the 1990s, few people would have believed how this handheld device would become so central to our lives. Users now spend far more time looking at their phone’s screen than making audio calls with it.

Great accessibility

So, what if we were to tell you that in the future there won’t be translators as we know them today? Hard to imagine, isn’t it. There is a long-established service called ‘translation’ and this will continue in the traditional sense for some time to come (after all, it took brands like Apple and Samsung some years to grab the mobile-phone market from Nokia), but Exfluency™ is leading a transformation to make language more accessible.

We are introducing a new job – Enhancer, a role that can be fulfilled by linguists and subject matter experts, thus opening the door of the language sector to highly knowledgeable, skilled people who previously would have been excluded. This has been made possible by Hybrid Intelligence, which unifies the complementary capabilities of technology and human knowledge.

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