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Exfluency™ is a global marketplace - a platform unlimited by time and place​.

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Whether you are interested in machine learning, process automation, or language technologies in general, we specialise in helping you develop customised solutions for your organisation.
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The anonymization window - select all applicable labels such as Names, Locations, Numbers, and more.

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Is Exfluency secure?
Exfluency™ is driven by the Power of Security. We are fully GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant, data is fully anonymized, and we have gated communities that enable the safe storage and sharing of sensitive information simply and securely.

Learn more about our security practices here.
What is a Gated Community?
A gated community is a community within the community. All confidential data is stored in client gated communities that can only be accessed by the Requester (you) and those subject matter experts specifically cleared to work there.

Read more about gated communities here.
Who can access my company's Gated Community?
Only you, the Requester, and any subject matter expert cleared to work there can access your company’s gated community.

Read more about gated communities here.
What is data anonymization?
Data anonymization is a procedure that removes identifiable information from data sets rendering them fully secure. It replaces original data with seemingly meaningless values, simultaneously ensuring that anonymized data can never be reassociated with that original source.

Read more about data anonymization here.
Why is data anonymization important?
Beyond statutory requirements, data anonymization is not always applied, or indeed required. But should it be a necessity for you, we will ensure that your sensitive data is always secure.

There is an additional benefit to highly effective data anonymization: the better anonymized content is, the more it can be reused, and the greater value it can offer in the creation of new, recyclable linguist assets.

Read more about data anonymization here.
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