Meet the teams behind our business

The R&D team

Led by Chief Technology Officer Jaromir Dzialo, our R&D team shapes the technology that drives everything at Exfluency. Jaromir is a co-founder and a pioneer in AI and blockchain solutions.

Among our key innovators is Igor Wojnicki. He is an Associate Professor at AGH University of Krakow. Igor introduced the concept of taxonomy that underpins our systems.

Software developer Pawel Kisielewicz advanced our platform with unique data anonymization functionality. His work enhances user privacy and security.

Piotr Metel and Maciej Wróbel lead our blockchain and AI-driven features. Piotr is an expert in large language models, pivotal to our Knowledge Mining capabilities. Maciej leads advancements in blockchain technology and algorithmic development.

Łukasz Kaleta, our Product Development Manager, ensures every product is sharp and engaging.

Our skilled testers, Aneta Radlowska-Dzialo, Szymon Podstawski, and Kasia Amborska, refine our technologies. They ensure all new functionalities meet our rigorous standards and address real-world needs.

Our world-class team of Community Managers.
Camilla Noer, Gated Community Manager, and Mette Vinther, Community Manager.

Operations & Community

Our Community Managers are the heart of Exfluency’s operations. They recruit subject matter experts worldwide, deepening our expertise in various subjects and languages. Community Managers set the tone for our community. They share our values and reinforce our purpose. They regularly contact members, offer guidance, and support community goals.

Community Managers also keep our communities productive for clients. They identify business insights from the daily work of the Exfluency community. They are invaluable to our clients, company, and community members.

The outstanding members of our Operations & Community team:

  • Chief of Community – Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard
  • Community Managers – Heidi Gore and Mette Vinther
  • Gated Community Managers – Ozzie Brito and Camilla Noer

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing team creates engaging, educational content. They share the Exfluency story and deliver our value proposition. The team prioritises effective communication of Exfluency’s core values. They use visual, spoken, and written communication, product design, and usability.

Our Design Manager, Katarzyna Kaleta, follows human-centred design principles. She creates bold, colourful graphics with a unique branding style. Katarzyna also manages our website.

Our Creative Communications & Content Architect, Simon B. Etches, brings Exfluency’s story to life. He explains complex topics in simple terms. These topics include blockchain technology, crowd concepts, and hybrid intelligence.

Our General Manager, Gary Muddyman.
Our marketing team - front to back: Anne Mouritsen, Katarzyna Kaleta, and Alma Oprasic.
Our management team - left to right: Alma Oprasic, Robert Etches, Gary Muddyman, Jaromir Dzialo, and Flemming Gammelgaard.
The Team

The Management Team

Our management team members share a passionate approach to their work.

Exfluency is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Etches‘ vision of the future: A platform that enables anyone, anywhere to communicate anything to anyone in any language. He is an expert on Peter Abelard and Héloïse and looks forward to building a community specialising in 12th-century philosophy and theology.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Jaromir Dzialo‘s philosophy can be summarised in two words: simplicity rocks. He is an expert in innovative technology, blockchain, fintech solutions, and startup business culture. Jaromir is a leader in agile, innovative software development.

Gary Muddyman is focused on building Exfluency’s operational capabilities as General Manager. He has extensive experience as a businessman and entrepreneur in the language industry.

Chief of Staff Alma Oprasic is an expert in growth management. She creates and improves situations, whether tackling toy storage or company culture. Alma believes in small steps toward a higher purpose, balancing urgency and diligence.

Chief Community Officer Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard is passionate about community engagement. An expert in community research and development, Flemming ensures the Exfluency Community is central to everything we do.

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