Immediate Translation

Exfluency offers affordable and high-quality translations by utilising secure and anonymized multi-engine machine translation along with intelligent data recycling.

Create your projects in Exfluency's ecosystem - just upload your documents and translate into up to 40+ different languages in a matter of seconds.

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Communicate fluently in 40+ languages

Immediate Translation is the perfect solution for multilingual companies with a need for fast translation that doesn’t compromise data security.

Immediate Translation explained

When you upload a file to Exfluency™, the platform starts by checking your custom database to see whether any linguistic assets already exist and can be recycled.
Create Project - Select to translate PDF- and Word-files or even entire PowerPoint presentations.

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How fast is Immediate Translation?

It depends. If you are translating a few lines of text, Exfluency™ delivers within seconds.

Larger, more heavily formatted files such as PowerPoint presentations, for example, take more time – but you will get great results within minutes.

How good is Immediate Translation?

Immediate Translation pitches five industry-leading neural machine translation (NMT) engines against each other; you won’t find better machine translation (MT) anywhere. But although NMT has come leaps and bounds, it isn’t perfect – yet.

We are continuously improving our engines, increasing human parity every day. However, if you need perfect translation, we offer a wide range of extra services that take Immediate Translation to the next level.

Is Immediate Translation secure?

Whereas some well-known machine translation engines own whatever data your input, this is not the case with Exfluency™: everything you drag and drop into the Exfluency platform is confidential. If need be, we even offer extra protection in the shape of a data anonymization solution for highly regulated industries and other interested parties.

What file types can Immediate Translation process?

The Exfluency™ platform currently supports the following file formats:

.docx, .json, .xlsx, .xlf, .odt, .odp, .mqxliff, .pptx, .pdf, and .zip.

How many languages does the Exfluency system support?

The Exfluency™ platform currently supports more than 40 languages and 60+ language pairs, but we are constantly adding new languages to our arsenal.

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