Excellent communication starts with the right tech

Generate multilingual content within seconds with our
AI-powered language solutions: Just drop your files into the Exfluency ecosystem and let our best‑in‑class language tech do the rest.

Generate multilingual content within seconds with our AI-powered language solutions!
Just drop your files into the Exfluency ecosystem and let our best-in-class language tech do the rest.

Next-level teams
need next-level tech

Our AI-powered language and security solutions give you automated translation in a matter of seconds.

Open your project in our editor and enhance it
– or collaborate with a colleague.

Have our language professionals perfect your text
while you survey progress, price, and delivery.

Built on data security

Data security should never be an afterthought. Built on the tenets of Privacy by Design, our AI-powered language and security solutions ensure complete privacy and security for your organisation’s sensitive information.

Fast. Accurate.

Drive your enterprise’s efficiency, productivity,
and sales with multilingual communication.
We are a 100% scalable platform that supports
content production at the highest level.

Exfluency™ is a global marketplace - a platform unlimited by time and place​.
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Happy Community
Exfluency™ Factor
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Human Parity

Powered by tech.
Perfected by people.

The Exfluency™ FactorThe percentage of words that needs to be changed after Immediate Translation to produce a truly excellent result.

Happy community • More than 98% of our daily users say that they like working in the Exfluency™ editor.

Human Parity • The percentage of AI‑generated data that equals to or is better than the quality provided by a human.*

* The Exfluency™ Community continuously verifies the quality of our AI‑generated content and thus confirms the Human Parity percentage.

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Exfluency™ offers affordable AI-powered language and security solutions with global talent networks for organisations of all sizes.

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