The power of Exfluency™

Blockchain, Trust Chain™, AI, Machine Learning, P2P, a payment token, and a secure haven for confidential data – there is simply nothing else out there that can measure itself with Exfluency™.

For subject matter experts

Leverage your expertise in a brand-new way

  • Keep up with trends in your industry
  • Work and earn when and as it suits you
  • Use your language skills to spread knowledge
  • Build a blockchain-guaranteed reputation

Currently seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) from the healthcare sector

  • Join our rapidly growing healthcare community
  • We need at least 2,000 Redactors, Enhancers and Trust Miners by year end 2021
  • Join the hundreds of doctors, nurses, and specialist linguists already working in the unique Exfluency Editor
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For clients

Exfluency is currently building a community for a leading player in the healthcare sector

Are you a leading player in your industry and looking for a new approach to multilingual communication?

Why Exfluency?

How it works

Whether you’re requesting a translation or redacting, enhancing or trust mining, everyone has a role to play. What will your role be?


A Requester uploads translation requests into one or more languages.


A Redactor prepares content for translation, from scanning paper-based documents and checking for errors to anonymizing sensitive information.


An Enhancer uses their expertise to review and improve text that has been automatically translated by the blockchain-enabled Exfluency™ system.

Trust Miner™

A Trust Miner reviews work carried out by an Enhancer to ensure the high quality of content delivered to the Requester. The results are stored on a Trust Chain.


There’s nothing more important to us than the security of your data

That’s why we use the latest data security measures to ensure that your valuable information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

  • De-anonymized data is uploaded and stored on a secure server separate from the rest of the platform
  • All confidential data is stored in client gated communities that can only be accessed by the client’s own staff and those SMEs specifically cleared to work there
  • Only anonymized data is sent to the 4 NMT engines, shared with SMEs and stored on the platform
  • All data sent to the NMT engines is scrambled first.
  • SMEs cannot copy-paste source data for extraction or use in other tools
  • Files are de-anonymized on the secure server before return to the Requester and then destroyed

Quality control using blockchain technology

The latest advancements in blockchain technology guarantee the quality of your translations

  • Our proprietary Trust Chain technology ensures the best available SME is assigned to every project
  • Enhanced translations are quality-controlled by a Trust Miner and the result is registered on the Trust Chain – a blockchain ledger that reflects how good a community member is in a specific language combination and field
  • It is the first time that someone can prove they are truly among the best in a given field, for example English-Danish texts on Alzheimer’s Disease or Japanese-English texts about Covid

Creating high-quality multilingual content has never been easier

Here is how the Exfluency workflow ensures fast delivery

  • Content is translated automatically using advanced neural machine translation engines
  • SMEs enhance the machine-translated content using our intuitive monolingual editor – no translation skills required
  • On average, only 14 in every 100 words need to be enhanced, speeding up the enhancement process
  • Automated notifications and the peer-to-peer Exfluency workflow keep delays to a minimum

The team

Meet the people and personalities behind our business – we call ourselves Exfluencers.

Robert Etches

Chief Executive Officer

An SME in the life and times of Peter Abelard and Heloise, who looks forward to building a Community specialising in 12th century philosophy and theology. Exfluency is the culmination of Robert’s passion for improving the way the world communicates.

Anna Pietruszka

Chief Design Officer

A leader in holistic concepts creation in business and art. Step by step life philosophy follower. Passionate about intercultural communication & collaboration and UX design, and an abstract art creator bound for the NYC modern painting world.

Jaromir Działo

Chief Technology Officer

Jaromir built a Silicon Valley start-up, and developed software for Swiss banks, a social network with over 330 million users, and a digital content distribution network for over 95% of Swiss cinemas. An avid tech and product adviser, Jaromir is actively engaged in events for start-ups.

Alma Oprasic

Chief of Staff

Alma’s call is to create and gradually improve – from a toy storage situation in a kid’s room to company culture and process innovation. She believes that taking small steps towards a higher purpose takes a proper balance between urgency and diligence.

Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard

Chief Community Officer

A champion of all things community, Flemming is focused on putting the Exfluency Community and its many members front and centre in everything Exfluency does.

Henriette Holmskov

Community Manager

Henriette brings her life’s two major passions, personal coaching, and communication, to her work as Community Manager. Those passions are essential to create an atmosphere where community members feel welcome and comfortable working with Exfluency.

Mariana Camacho

Community Manager

Passionate about languages and transcending communication barriers, Mariana engages in team building to strengthen bonds and build a collective spirit. This engagement, and her love of languages and music, makes community management a calling.

Amichai Maoz

Community Manager

An SME in the written word, specifically in poetry and song, Amichai is a tri-lingual translator, poet, songwriter, composer and recording artist for whom community work is a calling and community management is a welcome challenge.

Boreum Jung

Community and Social Media Manager

Boreum aims to build a long-term relationship based on trust with community members in the APAC region, and to nurture a cooperative culture within the Exfluency Community on social media channels.

Our offices

Zug, Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse 20
6300 Zug Switzerland

Cracow, Poland

ul. Józefitów 8
30-039 Kraków

Aarhus, Denmark

Inge Lehmanns Gade 10
(INCUBA Navitas)
8000 Aarhus

Frequently asked questions

There are lots of reasons why you might want to join the Exfluency Community. For some, Exfluency is about the satisfaction of being part of a community that’s helping to make a difference in the world. For others, it’s a chance to make some extra money, while for retirees, it can help them keep in touch with an industry they used to work in. What’s your reason for joining the Exfluency Community?

That’s up to you. You decide when you want to work and for how long. If we offer you work but you don’t have time to do it, we’ll just pass it onto someone else. No questions asked.

Nothing, and there are no ongoing membership fees either.

We’re always interested in growing our global community of like-minded experts. The first stage in joining the Exfluency Community is to create an application. Click here to start the process. NB Currently, we are only looking for healthcare SMEs.

The limits of my language are
the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein