Automatic Project Estimation

Project deadlines are calculated automatically based
on the size of your project and the average speed of
your auto-matched Executor.

Projects vary
and so do deadlines

At Exfluency, we are all about fit-for-purpose translation.

Regardless of how many stages you have selected for your project, our algorithms calculate the fastest turnaround time for each stage.

How are delivery times automated and improved?

Our system takes three different parameters into account when calculating project deadlines:

Your deadline – when would you like us to return your project?

Project size and complexity – how many words, what languages, and what genre is your project?

Our SMEs’ average speed – how long do our subject matter experts usually spend on similar projects?

This is why Exfluency is one of the only systems with automatic turnaround time estimation, ensuring one of the fastest delivery times on the market.

And last but not least, it frees up your time, too!

Automatic project estimation

Here’s an example of a standard project:

Nr. of words: 3,721.

Stages selected by you: Redaction, Enhancement, Trust Mining I, and Final Redaction.

Redaction: 10 hrs.

Enhancement: 21 hrs.

Trust Mining I: 4 hrs.

Final Redaction: 47 hrs.

Total project turnaround time: 82 hrs.

Every day, our automated project time estimation feature helps one of the world's leading healthcare research companies allocate and deliver their multilingual content on time – all by using the Exfluency-developed translation workflow.

Stay on top of project management with automatic project estimation

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