SME diversity

By building an inclusive and diverse community, we’re creating an environment where worldwide perspectives and expansive expertise come naturally.

A diversity of expertise

At the heart of Exfluency™ is our community of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). A diverse collective of people who are each an expert in their chosen field. From doctors and teachers to scientists and financiers (and everything in between), our SMEs all have different areas of expertise but are unified by their desire to share their knowledge with others.

To nurture this diversity, we’ve focused on making our platform as simple as possible to encourage a wide base of community members. Regardless of age, gender, race, culture or background; we believe anyone with subject matter expertise can share their knowledge with others.

Diversity allows our community members to learn from one another as they share their knowledge and experiences. For our clients it means access to a wide base of SMEs and linguists, allowing you to connect with the right person with exactly the right skills when you need them.

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