Economic and philosophical values

Sharing the benefit of the value we create with all participants is a core Exfluency™ value. Good business and good ethics are not mutually exclusive in any way, but we do not pay lip-service to this, we actively build it into how our platform works.

Fostering understanding

At Exfluency™, we passionately believe that creating meaning and fostering understanding in the world is the key to making the world as good as it possibly can be. Not only because wider understanding makes for a safer and more inclusive world, but it also makes outstandingly good business sense.

But being a business and intending for that business to be a force for good in the world are not mutually exclusive. We are both, and whilst we do our level best not to overplay our fundamental belief in making the world a better place, neither do we underplay it.

We are inclusive, professional, and driven by excellence.

We’re curators, not gatekeepers

Through our core belief in the Power of Sharing our community actively creates value for our customers, and by default in the excellence of language, and so we share the profits of this created value with our community. We are transparent in all aspects of business, hence the use of blockchain and our simple payment models.

Thus, we are not the gatekeepers, together we are the curators of a vibrant linguistic ecosystem that offers intrinsic value to all participants.

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