The Exfluency™ workflow

Preparation and translation

After a Requester uploads a file to the Exfluency™ platform, it’s converted into a translatable format and anonymized. The file is then passed through four Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines, after which the platform selects the best translation for enhancement.

Patent-pending skillset selector for SMEs

Tiered confidentiality

Organisation, Gated Community, or Open Community

Content enhancement

Next, the best-available Subject Matter Expert within the Exfluency Community enhances the content, correcting errors introduced by the machine translation… remember, machines do make mistakes.

Trust mining

A Trust Miner™ performs a quality assessment of the work carried out by the Enhancer. The Exfluency platform then awards the Enhancer with an Exfluenscore™ based on the Trust Miner’s assessment.

Each Exfluenscore contributes to an Enhancer’s overall Trust Chain – a blockchain-enabled means of proving their value to the Community.

Trust Chain scoring provides immutable ledger of excellence

Exfluenscore awarded for work carried out

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