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Ozzie Brito – Integrity and a human touch

Ozzie Brito lives in the sunny city of Barcelona. When he’s not sipping coffee at a charming café or conquering Barcelona’s mountains on his new mountain bike, Ozzie works at Exfluency as one of our talented Gated Community Managers.

He ensures that every translation project stays on track and addresses any issues that may arise by continuously supporting clients, linguists, and subject matter experts.

Gated Community Manager Ozzie Brito

The Exfluencer mindset: Challenging the status quo

Despite his youthful energy, Ozzie is a seasoned professional with 30+ years in the translation industry:

I started as a translator about 30 years ago, working on a typewriter. I thought someone would be smart and create all this new technology. And the following year, I started working on the Internet. Seeing how far we’ve come in just a few decades is mind-blowing.

Ozzie has a keen interest in numbers and everything related to AI, tech, and data. He oversees our business intelligence and data analysis, and the information is used to make informed decisions about Exfluency’s future. He embodies the Exfluencer mindset, always ready to embrace new technologies and challenge the status quo. That is also one of the reasons Ozzie loves to work at Exfluency:

I love the fact that Exfluency can and want to do things differently, is willing to challenge the status quo, and has assembled an amazing team of professionals to do just that! Technology is moving at a breakneck pace, and I love that we’ve been able to say, ‘Well, we’ll have a look at those new technologies’.”

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Gated Community Manager Ozzie Brito

The benefits of an online platform

At Exfluency, we’ve created an online platform for language, departing from traditional translation agency approaches.

Ozzie appreciates the professional, trust-driven relationships fostered in our marketplace compared to the more transactional dynamics of larger translation companies:

With the language service provider approach, you always felt that you had to niggle with the linguist. In the marketplace, everyone takes a much more professional approach. You really trust these people working in the platform. And you know, it sort of evolves into nice relationships.

Acknowledging the human side of the digital world is a priority for Ozzie. He values the personal connections with clients, linguists, and subject matter experts, fostering a collaborative and transparent environment. A linguist is never just a number for Ozzie, and the marketplace allows him to build strong relationships with our members.

Ozzie’s experience in the translation industry proves invaluable as a Gated Community Manager. He understands the expectations of linguists and uses this knowledge to showcase why Exfluency’s technology and marketplace are advantageous.

Gated Community Manager Ozzie Brito

Doing better business

The end does not justify the means.

For Ozzie, the means are as crucial as the end. He emphasises the importance of honesty, transparency, and respect in the business process, ensuring a human touch in every transaction:

Don’t step on people, don’t take advantage of people or situations to get a benefit. That clarity and transparency is really important. That is something that Exfluency can give the linguists, subject matter experts, and clients. The clients will always know what’s happening in the background; it is just at their fingertips.

The new way of work

Working remotely from Barcelona, Ozzie appreciates the trust Exfluency places in its employees. He believes in the productivity of remote work and still feels a close connection to his co-workers:

We get together as a team a couple of times a year just to get together and do a bit of bonding. I love it.

With plans to explore Europe on his mountain bike, Ozzie truly embraces the flexibility of remote work. He also cites the success of the four-day workweek at Exfluency and emphasises the importance of strong relationships and collaboration among our teams:

The four-day workweek is something few companies have decided to move into, but it is fantastic. It works because we can rely on each other, so when one person has the day off, the rest of the team knows exactly what needs to happen to cover that person’s absence.

We believe that integrity and transparency are key to doing better business, and Ozzie is a keen example of what that means here at Exfluency. His smile and dedicated spirit make him an invaluable part of our team, infusing integrity and a human touch into all processes at Exfluency.

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