The Trust Miner™
Peer-to-peer quality control

A Trust Miner™ is an individual working with the quality assessment of completed enhancement assignments, providing Enhancers with feedback and rating their work. Trust mining can provide an even higher quality text than enhancement alone and, for a business's most critical documentation, Trust Mining II adds a second trust mining review to guarantee the highest-possible quality, where even the smallest error can have serious repercussions.

Most importantly, these quality reviews are directly reflected in the strength of an Enhancer’s Trust Chain. The fewer the errors, the stronger the Trust Chain.

This information then plays a central role in deciding which Enhancer is offered similar projects in the language combination and field of expertise in question.

As an Enhancer’s Trust Chain is registered on a blockchain, it becomes a de facto immutable ledger of excellence, enabling Exfluency™ to always match the best Enhancer with the right text. As such, Trust Miners play a vital role in the Exfluency ecosystem.

Trust Miners are selected either from among a Requester’s colleagues with in-depth knowledge of the field of use, or by promoting the best Enhancers. Trust Chain thereby provides true peer recognition of an Enhancer’s ability.


  • User-friendly, propriety monolingual editor
  • Set your own fees
  • Select projects when it suits you
  • Work from anywhere
  • Earn XFL for every new linguistic asset
  • Create terminology and earn additional XFL

Requirements for becoming a Trust Miner

  • Knowledge of more than one language
  • Expertise in one or more verticals – the more specialised, the better
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