The Requester
One role to rule them all

The Requester is a purchaser of translation. The Requester decides the quality, level of specialisation, confidentiality, who to use (always the best, the most reliable, and the cheapest) and when to deliver (always as quickly as possible): the Requester role places the purchaser of translation in the driving seat.

Why buy in the Exfluency™ marketplace?

  • Because you work with the best available Subject Matter Experts, peer-to-peer
  • Because you have immediate, easy access to competitively priced, quality translation
  • Because you decide what type of translation you want: Fit-for-Purpose
  • Because every time you share content, you earn LangCoins


  • Three-tier confidentiality: Organisation, Gated Community, Open Community
  • Four-tier quality: Gist, Unpublished, Published, Perfect
  • Subject: AI-driven subject-matter taxonomy maps to match content to the best available Subject Matter Expert
  • Delivery: As fast as possible
  • Price: The best price for the highest quality
  • Cryptocurrency: Earn LangCoins by sharing assets with the Open Community

Requirements for becoming a Requester

  • An Exfluency™ account
  • The need to communicate with people in other languages than your own
  • The need to have information translated into your own language

The other Exfluency roles