The Enhancer
Probably the best bilingual SMEs in the world

An Enhancer is an individual with subject matter expertise offering linguistic services to enhance the quality of the instant translations generated by the Exfluency™ platform. Exfluency’s unique workflow, which recycles previously approved data and then adds the best results from three or more NMT engines, means that an Enhancer needs only change a small percentage of the text to create a high-quality text.

But NMT does make mistakes, even when it provides fluent texts, and the people best able to spot these errors are those with expertise in the field in question. Odontology, wind turbine engineering, quantum mechanics… these are very different skillsets.

Enhancers passed to join the Community tell us in which subject matters they have expertise for a given language combination. The Exfluency platform then uses this information, along with their Trust Chain and pricing, to match them with the projects that suit and interest them.

Why become an Enhancer?

  • Because you will augment your know-how
  • Because you work directly with the customer of your choice: peer-to-peer
  • Because you decide what price you are going to charge
  • Because payment is prompt
  • Because you will earn LangCoins every time you create or improve a linguistic asset
  • Because while you are a member of the Exfluency Community and own XFL, you will generate extra revenue for yourself and/or your organisation
  • Because, as a member of the Exfluency Community, you are working to help the world communicate



  • User-friendly, propriety monolingual editor
  • An immutable reputation through Trust Chain
  • Set your own fees
  • Select projects when it suits you
  • Work from anywhere
  • Earn LangCoins for every new linguistic asset
  • Create terminology and earn additional LangCoins

Requirements for becoming an Enhancer

  • A knowledge of more than one language
  • Expertise in one or more fields of use – the more specialised, the better
Join the Community

Unlike other platforms, Exfluency not only pays a fair hourly rate for text enhancement, but rewards participation in the value creation by additional payments in LangCoin – the Language Coin – and providing Enhancers with a blockchain-assured reputation.

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