LangCoin – the Language Coin

With LangCoin – the Language Coin – we are challenging the perception of how translation is generated, enhanced and remunerated. We are creating a new communicative paradigm – a new way to value and reward linguistic excellence that's available to everyone.

The concept of mining is the modus operandi in the world of blockchains. In the Exfluency marketplace, Community members mine for linguistic assets. Once they have created new translated linguistic assets (key words, phrases, sentences, entire documents, etc.) in the marketplace, they are rewarded with LangCoins. As linguistic assets are created and then shared by more and more buyers of translation, the value of the Community’s data increases, leading to higher exchange rates for LangCoins. The Language Coin will also encourage data in rare language combinations – and as the Community prospers, each of its members will benefit from the diversity of its ecosystem. The cryptocurrency element of the Exfluency Language Ledger is not an unfortunate consequence of using blockchain technology, but rather a defining reason and driver towards solving the problem addressed by the solution: to generate more multilingual content and help the world communicate.

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