Flexible, efficient, and tailored to your needs

We understand that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to language services.
That’s why we offer flexible solutions tailored to fit any requirement.

Whether you prefer a more hands-on approach or need full-service support,
our platform adapts to your preferences.

DIY or full-service – the choice is yours

Self-managed projects

Self-managed projects

Upload your project and take the reins; our system will recommend the most suitable professional linguists or subject matter experts for your localisation and enhancement needs.

Work with your own team

Work with your own team

Your team can easily be added to the platform and collaborate using our intuitive language editor. Our platform also supports those who wish to handle translations personally, empowering you to translate or enhance your project directly.

Full-service management

Full-service management

Prefer a hands-off approach? Simply upload your project and let our platform do the heavy lifting. We’ll find the perfect match for your needs and notify you as soon as your project is ready for download.
DIY or full-service?

Advanced features for optimal
security and quality

Advanced features for optimal security and quality

Regardless of the service model you choose, all interactions with our platform benefit from cutting-edge features designed to protect your data and enhance your experience:

Automatic anonymization

Auto-anonymization ensures privacy and compliance with GDPR, setting a new standard in data security.

Blockchain-verified audit trails

Every step of the process is logged with blockchain technology, providing an immutable record of actions and enhancing trust and transparency.

Flexible and fast turnaround

Our platform is designed to handle demands of any scale or urgency, providing fast, efficient translations that meet your deadlines without compromising on quality.

Choose security and quality

Why choose Exfluency?

By choosing Exfluency, you’re not selecting a language service provider; you’re partnering with a pioneer in the field of language technology.

With significant investment in R&D and a proven track record of surpassing traditional industry benchmarks, we ensure that your language needs are managed efficiently and professionally.


Enjoy the flexibility of managing your projects directly or entrusting them to our capable system.

Seamless collaboration

Use our easy-to-learn editor to insource translation and communication work and collaborate with teammates and external language professionals.

Efficient turnaround

Our streamlined processes ensure that your project moves swiftly from upload to download without sacrificing quality.

Ready to take control of your translation needs?

Explore the possibilities with Exfluency’s versatile platform today and discover
a smarter way to manage your translations.

Whether you’re hands-on or prefer us to handle the details, we guarantee a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Take control today

Take control today

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