Proof of Trust

When you order multilingual content, how do you know that the people working on your content have the right skills and can be relied on to deliver on time? Using the power of blockchain, we have created a concept we call Proof of Trust that automatically matches you with the best-available Subject Matter Experts. Why leave your multilingual content requirements to chance?

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are well-established blockchain concepts that have helped cement the technology. Exfluency™ has introduced a third: Proof of Trust.

For buyers of translation wishing to purchase peer-to-peer language services from the best linguists available, Exfluency Proof of Trust is a means of quality control that provides an immutable ledger of linguistic excellence.

Unlike other attempts to measure skill and reputation, our approach provides transparent, intangible proof of trust by linking the power of the Exfluency Community and peer approval to blockchain technology and a token economy. In this model, each subject matter expert working within the Community is assigned their own Trust Chain – a permanent ledger proving an SME’s value to the Community.

Comparing the quality of potentially thousands of subject matter experts in the Community via their Trust Chain, the Exfluency algorithm guarantees the best-available linguist for each piece of work. Every time. The information is always up-to-date and always reliable. Link this to the new content recycling + NMT workflow and you have a business model for the 2020s.


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