Fast delivery

In today’s fast-paced, deadline-driven world, why should you wait a second longer than necessary for your multilingual content? With our patent-pending blockchain and AI-driven language marketplace, we're redefining what should be expected from language services.

Our goal is to provide members of the Exfluency™ Community with an intuitive system that helps them deliver high-quality work, quickly.

Developed from the ground up, the Exfluency platform combines a range of cutting-edge technologies to create an automated, online language platform, including:

  • Blockchain – ensures the right text is offered to the person best equipped to take it on – be you a Redactor, an Enhancer or a Trust Miner
  • NMT – the platform automatically selects the best-available translation from the world’s leading Neural Machine Translation engines
  • The Asset Store – previously translated and validated assets are recycled, reducing the number of assets that need to be enhanced
  • Enhancement Editor – From everyday Subject Matter Experts to seasoned linguists, our simple-to-use monolingual editor lets you concentrate, not on the technology, but on the content

After processing more than two million words in testing, we have learnt that a third of texts are recycled from the Asset Store; a third are left as human parity assets from the NMT; which leaves a third that are enhanced by the Community. This is why the Exfluency Factor is so low – and will continue to fall.

Illustration of the scope triangle

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