Built on innovation

At Exfluency™, we try to be innovative in every aspect of our business. From our use of advanced technology, like Blockchain and NMT, to our inclusive approach to building an open community of people of any religion, status, or gender, who have a desire to share knowledge and to share in the gains. Too often novelty is sold as innovation. Do put us right if we fail in that manner! Talk is cheap. True innovation changes how people work and think – how industries develop.

Technological vs. societal innovation

Technological innovation is the physical foundation of the Exfluency™ platform. Without cutting-edge technologies, such as Blockchain, NMT, LangCoin, and the Exfluency API, we would not be able to patent our Trust Chain, our workflow, our editor, our Anonymizer, or our taxonomy system.

However, for us, societal innovation has an equal, if not more important, role to play in ensuring the success of the Exfluency language marketplace.

Innovating for society

Exfluency™ is blind to religion, personal or professional status, wealth, or gender identity. We have created an environment that empowers all bilingual Subject Matter Experts to share their knowledge. We have created a truly open community, free from barriers. Everyone who wants to join the community is assessed purely on their knowledge and the quality of their work.

Everyone is judged by the Community, not by individuals – there’s no place for personal politics.

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