Why Exfluency™?

99.99% of all digital content on the Internet is only available in its original language. Of course, not all of that content needs to be translated into other languages, but one thing is clear – language barriers are still very real. Harnessing the combined power of blockchain and AI, Exfluency breaks down these barriers and helps the world to communicate.

Exfluency is not a traditional provider of multilingual translation services; it provides a blockchain-enabled, community-driven language marketplace that gives control over language, and not least the financial benefits, back to those that speak and write it.

Exfluency is a gateway, not a gatekeeper.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Exfluency platform:

Lower costs and improved delivery

The Exfluency workflow saves you money and provides translated assets more quickly – with the same high quality.

Data security

Blockchain, data anonymization and gated communities guarantee that your data is always safe from your competitors and never released into the public domain until you’re ready to release it.

An intuitive, integrated platform

The browser-based Exfluency platform is straightforward to learn and simple to use for subject matter experts. No specialist translation skills are required.

You gain from sharing

Buyers sharing linguistic assets with the Open Community, earn LangCoins.

Everyone gains from sharing

By sharing your knowledge, you help create meaning and understanding around the world.

Here are some of the things that make Exfluency unique:

  • It addresses a real-world problem no other approach can solve
  • There is a natural affinity between blockchain and language technology
  • The scalability of the Exfluency solution is limitless
  • Exfluency’s unique combination of blockchain and language technology has already proven itself a game changer in a major pilot for a leading global healthcare corporation
  • The LangCoin payment token is designed to change human behaviour in the new Token Economy
  • Exfluency is a first‑mover in leveraging distributed ledger technology outside Fintech