Why Exfluency™?

Utilising the newest in language technology, blockchain, and AI and combining them with talent networks from across the globe, Exfluency™ offers the world’s most secure, affordable, and expert-driven suite of language and security solutions for organisations that buy and share multilingual communication.


You are

…an organization operating globally with no means of facilitating in‑house and/or external communication cheaply, quickly, and most importantly, confidentially.

… a business (a bank, an insurance company, a software house, a defence ministry) where the strictest confidentiality is a must.

… a corporation that not only needs quality translation but the ability to generate fit‑for‑purpose translations on the fly.

… a start-up that wants to produce its own multilingual content.

.. a company with a fanbase that could be empowered to produce massive amounts of multilingual content – and who would be brilliant at it.

We are

A language technology platform – more specifically, a linguistic ecosystem.

Combining blockchain and language technology with tailormade communities of subject matter experts (SMEs), we have designed a form of hybrid intelligence to take on the language challenges of the 2020s and beyond.

The Exfluency ecosystem:

Privacy-by-Design approach respecting GDPR and data confidentiality
Innovative hybrid intelligence that combines AI, blockchain, and global talent network of subject matter experts
Disruptive pricing model

Our why

Sometimes, it seems that we are growing, not closer, but further apart. Exfluency™ would like to help buck that trend. We view language creation as a force for good – for togetherness. Multilingual content creates new ideas, new markets, new connections, new colleagues, and time and time again, new friends.

But as populations grow, so does demand, and it has proven increasingly difficult to make all available online data accessible in more than one language. In fact, it has proven impossible with the technologies that have dominated the language industry in recent decades.

At Exfluency, we harbour a sincere desire to remove barriers, specifically language barriers. We want to contribute to crafting a world where we once again feel at home – where we matter. Where language doesn’t push us away, but rather brings us a little closer together.

Our contribution is an ecosystem that empowers you and your community to generate multilingual content faster, cheaper – and better.

We call it the Exfluency ecosystem.

Request a demo

Sometimes quick is best

Neural machine translation (NMT) is the latest and most effective translation technology. In the 2020s, there is no translation workflow in the world that can credibly say no to using NMT in some shape or form. We use this holistic machine translation to deliver high-volume, high-quality translated content.

When you sign up for a demo of the Exfluency™ ecosystem, you will gain access to our NMT-based immediate translation tool. Type, drag and drop, or upload entire documents and translate into up to 40+ different languages in a matter of seconds.

Other times, best is … best

Machines do make mistakes and they need humans to spot them. Millions of words processed through the ecosystem has proven that our talented and committed subject matter experts (SMEs) need only change less than ten words per one hundred to create quality translations for you. It is this combination of NMT + SME that Exfluency is leveraging with its AI and blockchain technology to create a unique form of hybrid intelligence.

Either way, you win: get immediate translation in seconds or have our community of SMEs ensure that your content shines in any language you wish.

If you commission translation work, we would love to set up a demo for you.