Trust Chain

The Trust Chain is a blockchain-enabled means of verifying an individual’s capabilities and guaranteeing the best Enhancer is selected for each assignment

Building trust

Trust is at the heart of every aspect of the Exfluency™ community. That is why we use blockchain methodology to instil absolute certainty into any form of transaction that is carried out.

Assignments are quality-controlled by a Trust Miner and the result registered on the Trust Chain – a blockchain ledger that reflects how good a community member is in a specific language combination and field.

Proof of expertise

This is the first time a linguist has been able to prove they are among the best in a given field – translating English-Danish texts on Alzheimer’s Disease, for example, or Japanese-English texts about Coronaviruses. In this way, reputations are genuinely earned, and projects expertly completed.

Activity in the marketplace is evaluated continually, and potential partners for new projects can check out an individual’s track record by viewing the Reputation Board.

Trust Chain is the subject of one of five provisional patents filed by Exfluency.

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