The user experience

At Exfluency™ we believe work should be enjoyable. We’re analysing every step of our user experience, aiming to continually improve the platform so that you can get to work quickly and enjoy the process.

A shared experience for all the community

Whether you’re requesting work or delivering content, we want everyone to enjoy a simple and intuitive experience. Using cutting-edge analytical tools, we constantly monitor how our community is using the Exfluency platform. This lets us quickly upgrade the platform to make data-driven improvements to the user experience.

Intuitive design

We want you to have a great experience every time you interact with our platform. This starts with an intuitive design that seamlessly guides you through the process. Using the latest insights into user behaviour, our talented web development team has ensured you’ll never get lost or take a wrong turn. Instead, you’ll find navigation that’s easy to follow with each step of the journey clearly signposted. All within an uncluttered design that makes our platform a pleasure to use.

Smooth onboarding

Ready to hit the ground running? Our smooth onboarding process means you can get started quickly and easily – with all the information you need to deliver a great job.

We’ll guide you through a simple yet comprehensive onboarding process that introduces the platform’s key features and functions – equipping you with all the skills and resources you need.

As you travel through the onboarding process, you’ll quickly discover how to do everything from creating an account to delivering your first project. You’ll see tooltips and feature highlights that explain everything from how to request a new project to selecting your areas of expertise.

You’ll also discover sample documents that can be edited and reused to save you time when you’re ready to get started.

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