The Power of Integrity

We would all like to be seen as being as good as our word, but here at Exfluency™ we’ve taken that literally. The integrity of what we produce – the words – is built into the very code of our platform.

Fake news, white-washing, green-washing … camouflaging a scam as integrity. The world can be a cynical place and, let’s face it, Exfluency’s decision to not only use blockchain technology but also mint its own cryptocurrency, is just begging to be criticised.

But! Precisely what drew us to blockchain is its quality of being a truth machine. Its transparency. Its immutability. If you fake it on our platform, we can trace every keystroke you make – and it will be saved on a blockchain. Forever.

We believe that businesses that do the right thing will be rewarded. By attracting the best employees, the best clients, and the best Community, we will always do our best to do the right thing.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

C.S. Lewis