The Power of Blockchain

Exfluency™ has harnessed the value of blockchain’s distributed-ledger technology to transform the way language services are delivered.

An immutable ledger

A blockchain database, or ledger, is decentralised, with identical copies of the ledger being held on each computer, or node, within the blockchain. If all the nodes are synchronised, the block is verified and permanently added to the ledger.

This has many advantages over traditional methods of storing records, including:

  • It operates in near real-time
  • Transactions are visible to anyone who has access to the blockchain
  • Data is immutable, in other words unalterable
  • The system is unassailable
  • Proof of provenance is built in

Exfluency™ has now applied this remarkable technology to the long-established language industry.

Language Service Providers (LSPs) have traditionally been the intermediary between clients and translators, which inherently adds cost and delay to the translation process. At Exfluency, we overcome this by using blockchain to facilitate immutable transactions directly between the clients requesting work and the best available subject matter experts – with no uncertainty, no middlemen, and at a lower price.

“One by one this new technology has promised a solution to each concern of our digitally driven lives: lack of transparency, accountability, verifiable identity, control of data, and security.”

Alison McCauley