Subject Matter Experts (SME)

The talented and committed subject matter experts (SMEs) who make up our community possess a combination of specialist insight and language skills that create meaning, enable understanding, and transfer knowledge.

Subject matter expertise

The unrivalled skillset of Exfluency™ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) includes a combination of their linguistic knowledge and know-how from across a wide range of industries. SMEs, therefore, are perfectly qualified to identify errors contained in the output of the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) system.

For example, a financial analyst or an accountant will detect a mistake in an annual report; a doctor will not struggle with medical jargon; and an engineer will understand the plans for a new power plant.

A community of experts

Matching subject-specific expertise with relevant texts has been an ongoing challenge for the translation industry. The Exfluency Community addresses this challenge and ensures client texts are enhanced by someone who genuinely understands the content. This approach gives clients high-quality translations that reach a larger audience.

SMEs enhance the text after it’s been translated by NMT. This means the ‘distance’ SMEs have to travel to the finalised solution is shorter than with other automated translation systems – which allows SMEs to focus on what they are good at and leave the boring work to the machines!

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