Sharing value across the entire value chain

By removing limitations, our community members can earn greater rewards while sharing their expertise.

Rewarding expertise

People should be rewarded fairly for their expertise. So, we don’t focus on word counts. We believe that expertise, often gathered over a lifetime, deserves to be recognised differently. That’s why we’ve broadened the opportunities and rewards offered to our community members far beyond how many words can be translated in a day.

With no middlemen, Exfluency™ allows our members to set their own rates. And as a Community member, the more you contribute to the community, the more you can earn.

Sharing value with the Community

We’re creating a community that anyone with expertise in their field can join, regardless of age, gender, country or culture. We know that traditional currencies can be a barrier that stop some from being paid fairly – so as a community member, for every unique linguistic asset you create, you’ll be rewarded with LangCoins.

Exfluency – sharing value with our entire community.

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