As people, we are nothing without our reputation, and these can be hard won and easily lost. At Exfluency™ we have staked ours on the quality and simplicity of our product and Community, and our belief in what they can achieve together.

Peer-reviewed reputation

Shakespeare’s Iago famously said:

“Reputation, reputation, reputation: Oft got without merit and lost without deserving!”

So very true. But, if your reputation is confirmed again and again by your peers and then stored in an immutable ledger, the level of trust that can be placed in you by future clients will be second-to-none.

The truth machine

Trust Chain™, is a truth machine, providing Exfluency™ Community members with an immutable reputation of excellence. This puts you in control of your reputation, and the excellence of your work is the core of this reputation. And as your Trust Chain is built on feedback, it always gives you the opportunity to maintain, and even improve your reputation.

As a business we believe that Exfluency can help you maintain and control your reputation, in any language, and as a member of our Community, we empower you to build, maintain, and improve yours. If your reputation is good, so is ours.

With Exfluency you have your reputation because you have earned it!

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