Private blockchain

Blockchain’s freedom from centralized control can also leverage value within privately owned environments.

Empowering organisations

Private blockchains are typically used to empower an organisation, rather than the individuals who have access to it. A single authority manages the network and only those granted permission can add to and access the blockchain’s data.

Restricted access means resources are more manageable, efficiency is greater and maintenance costs are lower. And, unlike public blockchain platforms, privacy is paramount.

Without proper authentication, no one can enter the private blockchain, keeping a company’s sensitive information accessible to named individuals and safe from outside interference. As a result, it is ideally suited to providing highly secure data-storage solutions, such as full-system back-ups.

Confidentiality above all else

At Exfluency™, we deal with a high volume of confidential data. To maintain the utmost discretion, safety, and security, therefore, we use private blockchain to lock data within each ‘gated community’ (a community within a community).

While anonymous reference numbers are used to maintain public traceability and trust, the actual language asset is only made available to a limited, tightly defined group of community members.

If the requestor wishes to use assets for other purposes – such as to build a translation memory or to reuse in a different context – they can be made available across:

  • Specified gated communities
  • The entire Exfluency community
  • The requestor’s own organisation

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