Linguistic metadata

As much as Exfluency™ are leading the way in utilising the many opportunities blockchain presents, we know that some assets are better kept ‘off chain’.

Absolute confidentiality

We hold each asset’s metadata – for example genre, taxonomy, gated communities, etc. – in a blockchain. This is the data that enables full traceability, where users can identify who did what and when, for the entire history of the asset.

The actual segments of text – which can be anything from a single word to a lengthy paragraph – however, are stored off the blockchain. Reasons for this include:

  • There is no need for the actual wording to be held on a blockchain when we already have extensive coded reference data
  • Off-chain storage provides requestors with absolute reassurance regarding security and confidentiality
  • The blockchain process operates quicker and cost-effectively when it is not required to store and process large volumes of energy-sapping data


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