Language, our natural asset

Nobody can take language away from you. It is yours alone and Exfluency™ invites you to leverage this innate resource to benefit yourself and others.

Human language is an asset

Language as an asset is independent of your circumstances – where you were born, the political situation there, whether you were born into a rich or poor family, etc. You as a single individual own it. Yes, our ability to use language to communicate can be developed through education, research and our curiosity, but still it is a natural asset. No one can take it from us.

Hybrid Intelligence

Hybrid Intelligence, combining the strengths of human and machine intelligence, has come to the fore in recent years. And yet the eCommerce world is still full of bot-generated, synthetic text that does not read naturally. It is clear to almost anyone that such texts are not written by a human being, and a person knowledgeable about the subject at hand can easily spot inappropriate words and phrases. This is why the concept of Hybrid Intelligence is so powerful in relation to languages: there is a layer of enhancement work that humans can do that is impossible for machines to do. Exfluency™ leverages neural machine translation (NMT) together with our Community’s natural language asset and know-how to produce something truly exceptional.

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