How it works

The Exfluency™ platform packs a host of complex, innovative technologies and functionality behind a simple-to-use, web-based tool. It's much more than translation software – it’s a ground-breaking platform that creates a synergy between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. We call the outcome the Exfluency Factor.

An Enhancer does just that – enhances a text that the platform generates for her. This is not translation or post editing but polishing something that is already often pretty good.

This is why the Exfluency Factor (number of words per 100) is already low and why it will continue to fall. The more assets shared, the more powerful the Anonymizer, the better the NMT, the stronger member Trust Chains, the lower the Exfluency Factor.


The Exfluency workflow

The Exfluency platform is all about Community. From Redactors to Enhancers and Trust Miners, everyone within the Exfluency Community plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and consistency of everything we deliver.

Here’s how the Community collaborates to produce a trust mined project.



Four-tier quality: Immediate Translation, Enhanced, Trust Mined, Trust Mined II



The Redactor prepares content for translation, from scanning paper-based documents and checking for errors to anonymizing sensitive information.



The Enhancer uses their expertise to review and improve text that has been automatically translated by the blockchain-enabled Exfluency system.

trust miner

Trust Miner™

The Trust Miner reviews the work carried out by the Enhancer or by another Trust Miner, to ensure the high quality of content delivered to the Requester.

Confidentiality built in

While our ultimate goal is to share as much information with the world as possible, we also respect that you often need to safeguard the confidentiality of your corporate assets. We’ve therefore created gated communities that let you store your files safely and securely, while making them accessible only to those community members that need to work with your content.

If you decide to release your language assets to the Open Community at a later point, and be rewarded in LangCoins, of course we can arrange this.

The Exfluency platform

Advances in technologies like artificial intelligence and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) have given us the opportunity to develop a truly ground-breaking platform.


  • NMT – The platform selects the best translation from multiple NMT engines
  • Content recycling – Content that has been validated by our Trust Miners can be reused for even higher quality texts
  • Human revision – The platform selects the best Community member to ensure the text is as good as it can be


The Exfluency platform also has an intuitive interface that flattens the learning curve. From the dashboard, with it’s user-friendly overview, to the simple-to-use yet powerful monolingual editor.

A view of the Exfluencyt Editor in monolingual mode