Data ownership

With Exfluency™ data belongs to those who create it, whether it is the linguistic data you create as a member of our community, or value that linguistic data creates for the Requester as a result. If you have a stake in that data, we believe it should be recognised, respected, and rewarded appropriately.

A slice of the ownership pie

We all are learning the hard way, but now we know that those who own the data own the future. So, of course, we should all have a share of that data. If translation has an intrinsic value, then that value belongs as equally to those that generate it as to those that fund it.

By issuing LangCoins for the creation of unique linguistic assets, the entire value chain enjoys a slice of the ownership cake.

This means that even if a Requester decides to keep data within a Gated Community, everyone else involved is still rewarded with LangCoins and for their role in creating it.

Language belongs to the people that use it and create it, with the communities and people that create meaning with that language every day. And if language stays within the purview of its Subject Matter Experts, the quality of that language improves by default, improving understanding and engagement as a result.

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