Collective intelligence

Blockchain is more than a technology – it’s a community. And, where there is community, there is collective intelligence.

Greater together

The concept of collective intelligence suggests that the pooled wisdom of a group is greater than that of any individual. It is this collective intelligence that builds civilizations, forms governments and grows successful organisations.

Today, the extraordinary capabilities of modern technology enable groups to ramp up their collective intelligence to previously unattainable levels. Blockchain, with its decentralised architecture, free-flow of data and built-in validation, provides an ideal environment for collective intelligence to flourish.

Many see blockchain as providing the Internet’s global infrastructure with a global brain. A brain fuelled by information from a world-wide community and delivering collective intelligence for the common good.

Bringing expertise together

Exfluency™ harnesses the power of collective intelligence to bring organisations with translation needs together with a network of subject matter experts, linguists, and translators from around the world. Whether you’re offering your skills or looking for translation services, you can unlock more opportunities and enjoy a greater return on your investment working together, as part of the Exfluency community.

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