Gated communities

While recognising the power of the Community, we respect your need for confidentiality and to share information in a more restricted forum. Our Gated Community functionality provides a community-in-community that allows entities or groups of members to share and recycle data among themselves, while still benefitting from their membership of the larger community.

Multi-layer security

Gated communities take the uncertainty and risk out of allowing your business partners to access your confidential data, for example when you need to collaborate with them on confidential projects, such as supply chain initiatives.

When you have different needs, however, we also offer two additional levels of confidentiality: Organisation and Open Community:


Organisation-level confidentiality lets only the people you select within your organisation work on your projects.

Open Community

Open-Community-level confidentiality is for your business’s non-confidential content that you would like make available to the Exfluency Community. If your linguistic assets are recycled, you’re rewarded with LangCoin tokens which you can use to purchase additional language services at a discounted rate or sell back to Exfluency once a year.

An illustration of the three confidentiality levels

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