The Asset Store

When you order multilingual content, you need to be sure that your content is being translated consistently, time and again. Recycling your validated content delivers this consistency and, if done correctly, can save you money and time in the process. Welcome to the Exfluency™ Asset Store. Unlike other translation databases, the meta data for linguistic data in the Asset Store is saved to a private blockchain. This meta data will allow us to leverage the data for you in hitherto unknown ways. This private blockchain will play a central role in moving translation from being a cost to a profit centre.

The Exfluency Asset Store leverages a unique combination of automated translation, recycled content, and newly created linguistic data.

During the enhancement workflow, our retrieval technology locates large segments of previously translated text and combines them with the best available translation generated by up to four Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines.

Leveraging large segments of previously translated text produces the highest level of consistency and the best quality at the lowest price in the final translation.


Benefits of the Exfluency Asset Store

  • Content recycling of validated linguistic assets
  • Qualified and anonymized multilingual documentation
  • Storage of all new and human parity data
  • Easy to search and leverage

Illustration of how linguistic assets are recycled for use in other texts

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