Quality guaranteed

The quality of your content reflects who you are as an organisation. You may have control over your corporate language, but how do you know that your multilingual content is delivering a consistent message to your audience? Using blockchain in the form of our patented Trust Chain workflow, Exfluency™ builds quality into every linguistic asset you create.

Illustration of the scope triangle

At best, poor-quality translations can leave your international customers with the wrong impression of your company; at worst, they can lead to personal injury.

When you order a translation, the challenge is often knowing whether what you receive is good enough. Does the translator have the right subject matter skills? Can she be trusted to deliver on time?

Exfluency takes the guesswork out of translation. By harnessing the power of blockchain to create the first immutable ledger of quality – the Trust Chain – we aim to provide fit-for-purpose translations, every time.