The Power of Data

The beginning of the third millennium sees data sitting at the heart of practically everything we do. So how do we at Exfluency™ harness the power of data, whilst ensuring it is used efficiently, and above all, ethically?

Leveraging the power of data

“Who has the data, has the power” is the current wisdom as expressed by Tim O’Reilly, the champion of open sourcing.

And he’s not wrong by any means, as the abuse of data in recent years by governments, businesses, and a raft of powerful people, who should know better, has demonstrated all too clearly.

However, here at Exfluency™, like Tim, we do not seek power for its own sake. Instead, we believe that the true power of data comes in leveraging it to find and create ever greater efficiencies. For us the true power of data is to be found in the way it enables us to always put the right focus on the right things. The things that make our mission of delivering language back into the hands of its users and creators possible.

“Data is the new oil.”

Clive Humby