Sharing data

Data empowers the Exfluency™ Community and the content they create on behalf of our Requesters. We believe the true value of data comes from the efficiencies that it can create, and that’s why we have opted to enable the sharing of texts in a way that allows for its appropriate, efficient, and impactful reuse.

Sharing opens up new possibilities

Companies establish and create content for websites and myriad other digital channels every day. And every day the text on these sites and channels is trawled by the big Internet corporations and leveraged in their tools.

When you have texts (any texts!) Enhanced and Trust Mined in Exfluency™, the act of releasing them to the Open Community triggers a payment in LangCoin for any unique content.

This LangCoin can then be used to buy new immediate translation, or alternatively you can save it up and wait for its value to increase. Regardless of what you choose to do with your LangCoins, by voluntarily sharing your data, you achieve a number of important things:

  • Access to free, immediate translation
  • A cash discount
  • A repository for maintaining your own linguistic data
  • A helping hand to others

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