Secure data storage

Of course, it has always been the highest priority for any business to ensure that the data it stores, whether on its own behalf or that of others, is kept safe from harm at all times, and this is no different at Exfluency™. Both your and our data has to be secure, but also readily available, whenever and wherever it is needed.

The highest standards 

Exfluency™ takes the storage of all the data we use very seriously, be it our own, or that of our community and our customers. We adhere to all the standards one would expect, seeking data confidentiality, integrity, and availability at all times. 

Our data is stored according to international standards and protocols for storage security. These demand the implementation and usage of suitable physical, technical and administrative controls to protect storage systems and infrastructure as well as the data stored within them. 

Your data is safe with us 

We keep data confidential by ensuring that it cannot be accessed either over a network or locally by any unauthorised people in order to prevent data breaches. 

We ensure data integrity by using blockchain technology to safeguard the data we use so it cannot be tampered with or changed. 

We ensure data availability by minimising the risk that our storage resources are damaged beyond repair or made inaccessible, either deliberately–via hacking or other external attacks–or accidentally, due to such things as internal or external power outages, or system or technology failures. 

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