Linguistic data recycling

The wheel was invented by the Sumerians in the 4th century BC, and it certainly does not need reinventing. The same could be said to be true about the very best linguistic data.

Linguistic integrity

It makes no sense whatsoever not to reuse the very best linguistic data once we have it to hand. Not only does it make sense in ensuring the highest integrity of the language used, but by default it also creates economic efficiencies.

The Exfluency™ workflow stores as much metadata as possible, not just the linguistic assets. The metadata features all the unique information that comes along with the individual language pairings. This metadata contextualises the assets in a way that other language solutions discard, intentionally or not.

Reducing unnecessary waste

Because we store our data in a way that allows for recycling and reuse, we ensure that unnecessary repetition is avoided, and the quality and engagement value of the end product is vastly improved.

Even more than that, the way we do things at Exfluency challenges the perception of translation as a cost to be avoided, if at all possible, and instead turns it into that of a much valued and extraordinarily beneficial investment in the mind of the Requester. It makes financial sense to have your content available in all the languages you need.

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