Exfluency values

Exfluency™ exists to give language back to its creators and users by empowering everyone to create meaning and share knowledge, anywhere and in any language. Because we believe that doing good, and doing good business are not mutually exclusive. Using our unique combination of blockchain and language technology we’ve unlocked the full potential of language for those that speak, write, and create with it.

The Power of Sharing

At Exfluency™ the touchstone of our values is the power of sharing. When we share, our collective knowledge, and the growth and success that come with that knowledge, become exponentially greater. If we understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us better, we all benefit. This belief in the power of sharing is coded into our platform, is expressed in our use of blockchain, and is made real in the diversity of our Community.

All we do is designed to empower, and benefit from sharing.

Integrity and Simplicity

Ensuring that the full benefits of the power of sharing can be made real requires two further core Exfluency values: integrity and simplicity.

Integrity and simplicity in the way we work with our clients, our community, and our people, respecting and lifting them up. We would always wish to be the best possible version of ourselves, and we believe that those that work with us and use our services would wish to be so too.

Because we have chosen to use blockchain, our software, our processes, and our output are as transparent as we can make them. And through LangCoin, the Language Coin, we share the benefit of the value we create with our Community–and because LangCoin is itself rewarded for the creation of excellence in new linguistic assets, our customers also benefit by default.

Through the power of sharing, integrity, and simplicity, Exfluency gives the world a tool to express and explore its excellence, in every language.

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