Data security

The way in which Exfluency™ approaches Data Security makes us unique. This security of all our participants’ data is a central pillar of all that we do. Specifically, the advanced way we deploy data anonymization in our Enhancement workflow folds in extra layers of security for sensitive or unique data–should it be required–guaranteeing that your business’s confidential data is only ever seen by those that really need to see it.

The old method

The current paradigm means that translators, for the sake of context, basically need to see pretty much everything of what it is that they are translating in the source text. Either that, or the information is hidden in an inelegant and clumsy manner that often creates unnecessary loops and confusion in the QA processes on the content with which they are working.

A more elegant process

At Exfluency, we’ve chosen to take a very different approach. Instead, we leverage all the benefits of blockchain in our workflow to ensure that data can be secured in such a way that the Enhancer can bring all their Subject Matter Expertise to bear on your content without your sensitive data ever being exposed to prying eyes.

We achieve this by ensuring:

  • All confidential data can only be accessed by Gated Communities that consist of the client’s own staff and SMEs specifically cleared to work with the data. The metadata are stored in blockchain.
  • Only anonymized data is sent to our NMT engines
  • All data sent to NMT engines is scrambled first
  • Only anonymized data is sent to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Only anonymized data is stored on the platform
  • SMEs cannot copy-paste source data into other tools
  • Files are de-anonymized on the secure server before return to the Requester
  • The temporary project files on the secure server are destroyed
  • Final versions are not available to anyone but the Requester

This unique way of handling the content you bring to Exfluency ensures unrivalled levels of data security. Indeed, the security of your data is as important to us as it is to you.

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