Data is the new gold

Data is the new gold standard; it powers conversations across and within borders, and it permeates through every aspect of our daily life as we produce, consume, and process ever more of it at an exponential rate.

Data drives globalization

Data is an extraordinary tool, one without which business is impossible, and when measured by bandwidth alone, has been seen to replace goods and services as the driver of globalization, with cross-border data flows growing more than 100 times over between 2008 to 2020.

It is precisely because of the fact that data is power, and that this power translates into ‘gold’, that we at Exfluency™ believe that it is time to level the playing-field somewhat. We ensure that the power of data, and its associated rewards, are more equitably shared between those that create and use that data.

Sharing the gold

We turn the use of data on its head. We use it to create efficiencies. We use it to place the right focus on the right things. We use it to make sure more of us share more of the gold. Because if data is the new gold, and we are the creators of that data, it is only reasonable to expect that the rewards that data generates are shared with those that create it.

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