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An introduction to Community Management at Exfluency

At Exfluency, community is critical to our business.

That’s why Community Managers are central to everything we do for our clients and for the linguistic talent that works on our platform. In fact, our Community Managers bring such a broad and deep variety of skillsets that we wanted to highlight them here in more detail.

We have two separate community management roles at Exfluency: Community Managers and Gated Community Managers. They have some overlap in their roles, but their focus is quite different, even though they both work with our clients and our community members.

Here’s an outline of each role.

Community Managers

Community Managers are primarily focused on the people in our community. They’re responsible for the overall experience that everyone has while working on our platform.

That starts with recruiting. Our Community Managers are responsible for finding and connecting with talented people from around the world and introducing our unique model. That continues once someone decides to join the IQLingua community. Our Community Managers help them get onboarded (there’s a lot to learn!) and field any initial questions they might have about our process or what to expect while working for our clients. They set them up for success and growth within the IQLingua ecosystem.

Over time, most of our community members develop relationships with our Community Managers. That’s because the act of managing a community goes far beyond just finding the people for it. Our Community Managers support our members each day. They handle all the communications, so everyone knows what’s happening in the community, when new languages are launching, if there are new technology features on our platform, when style guides are updated – and a hundred other things. They field questions. They even do a little tech support here and there.

Community Managers know basically everything about our clients and our platform – and they help everyone in the community stay current on what they need to know to do their best work.

Think of them as jacks-of-all-trades – and masters of many of them!

Gated Community Managers

If our Community Managers are primarily focused on people, our Gated Community Managers are primarily focused on managing client projects.

For IQVIA, our Gated Community Managers reduce the resources they need to devote to ensure projects get done on-time and on-spec. We’re also training IQVIA Project Managers to act as Gated Community Managers. This brings an increasingly community-driven approach to the work we do together.

In fact, it’s a tribute to our Gated Community Managers that so much of their work is hidden. Because things run smoothly and without incident, you don’t always see all the work they’re doing to make that happen.

But on any given day, a Gated Community Manager will have their eye on many in-production projects. They’ll be working with our linguistic talent to ensure we’re meeting client timelines and answering project-related questions to keep things moving. They’ll reassign projects as necessary, and they deal with unexpected events in the production process.

All the while, they’re also working directly with our clients on all the projects in or near production.

It should also go without saying (but it won’t!) that our Gated Community Managers and our Community Managers work closely together, ensuring our ecosystem runs efficiently and all the stakeholders – clients and talent – are thriving. They are collectively the guardians of our community values.

Community Management is at the heart of the Exfluency ecosystem

At Exfluency, our commitment to community as a central element of our project delivery model made community management inevitable.

Everyone benefits from the great work our community managers do every day.

Our clients get high quality work produced by a trustworthy process and our community members get a managed, considered experience that respects their time and expertise.

Great community management is just one reason why our community and the value we can offer to our clients grows each day.

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