Sharing is good

Today, language content remains either siloed, unavailable, difficult to access, or is the property of giant companies with questionable goals as to how they will leverage that data. Exfluency™ puts content back into the hands of those who own it and, through the LangCoin token system, rewards them for sharing their knowledge with the Open Community.

Exfluency™ is a language marketplace built to tackle the fact that a huge majority of digitised content is only available in the language in which it was authored. There is an urgent need to address this issue, not only to further cross-border interoperability, commerce and global communication in general, but to avoid language itself becoming the property of a small number of all-powerful gatekeepers.

Exfluency will be a gateway, not a gatekeeper: a unique combination of blockchain and language technology that will give back control over language, and not least the financial benefits, to those that speak and write it.

Illustration of people talking to each other in different languages