Remove the possibility of gaps and glitches in an asset’s provenance and trace its journey from conception to completion.

End-to-end record

Blockchain’s decentralised ledgers record transactions in a verifiable and permanent way, creating a near real-time, immutable record that can be replicated among participants.

This inherent characteristic of blockchain facilitates the ability to instantaneously trace the entire lifecycle of an asset. Being able to determine an asset’s origin and access details regarding every point of contact on its journey to its finished form bolsters confidence, efficiency, and trustworthiness.

Trace an asset’s entire history

At Exfluency™, the meta data for our Linguistic Assets are recorded on a blockchain, which ensures the specific Linguistic Assets have been enhanced by the particular person and/or organization and validated by a specific Trust Miner without any unwarranted alteration.

In fact, it’s possible to trace the entire history of a linguistic asset; to see how the Enhancer who first formulated it, has shaped and added value across perhaps hundreds of texts.

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