The Power of Language

Language gives us the power to share ideas, knowledge and innovations, and helps us to solve some of the most pressing issues facing humankind. Learn how the Exfluency™ platform can help you harness this natural asset to connect and communicate more effectively with people around the world.

Making language more accessible

People are twice as likely to press the buy button if it’s in their own language, and yet more than 99% of all data on the Internet is only available in one language.

For buyers of multilingual data, there are many benefits of using Exfluency™: 

  • Data security 
  • Translation is significantly cheaper and delivered faster 
  • Full respect for GDPR and the anonymization of data 
  • The self-regulating Community will standardise quality at a high level via the Trust Chain 
  • Companies can create confidential gated communities, e.g. to enable supply chain collaboration on confidential projects 
  • The Requester is awarded a share of the token value generated by new linguistic assets, i.e. the Requester earns money from purchasing translation 
  • Language becomes a profit centre 
  • More and better multilingual communication will drive growth 

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”

Ludwig Wittgenstein