The Power of Change

Sticking rigidly to the tried and tested may mean you are missing out on the possibility of a better future. Exfluency™ is an engine of positive change, inviting you to unlearn your old ways and open your mind to a new, improved way of acquiring and delivering language services.

Accepting a new normal

We experience change on a daily basis. But occasionally we are confronted with changes so significant that they require a shift in mindset to accept the new normal. This can be difficult because our behaviour is moulded by our culture, based on a lifetime of experience. It’s natural to be hesitant about major changes and we need to be convinced that there is a better way. First, this means letting go of traditional notions of how things should be done and being open to new ideas.  

A positive force for change

Our innovative approach marries the power of neural machine translation with the natural language capability and subject matter expertise of humans to create a positive force for change that we believe will make language more accessible around the world. 

“The company that doesn’t view change as a positive challenge is a dying company.”

Robert Etches