The perception of change

People are generally more comfortable with what is, rather than what will be. Why does the prospect of changes to the status quo trigger feelings of suspicion and anxiety?

Lifelong learning

Our culture – as in the way in which we think, act and interact with others – is acquired through a lifelong process of learning from birth through adulthood. This begins as small children within the small ‘community’ of our family, neighbours and friends. It continues as we move through the education system and into the workplace. National and international travel gives us exposure to different cultures and offers alternative perspectives. All of these experiences are absorbed subconsciously, and to some extent, influence our own approach to day-to-day life.

For the most part, it is a gradual process of learning. We are able to operate efficiently and comfortably within the culture that we acquire. Our patterns of behaviour become ingrained. But occasionally we are confronted with innovative approaches that require a fundamental shift in our way of thinking. The majority of people are wary of such radical changes.

Simple and positive change

Exfluency™ is fundamentally changing how content is communicated across languages. It is a language marketplace that combines advanced technology with a global community of subject matter experts and linguists to spread knowledge and create greater meaning in the world. Our message is: give the Exfluency platform a try and see how change can be simple and positive.

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