"The limits of my language are the limits of my world"

To quote Ludwig Wittgenstein, in our interdependent world, clear communication that cuts through national borders to address our mutual concerns is crucial to expand the limits of our world. Exfluency™ breaks down language barriers to expedite the global conversation.

A knowledge-sharing tool

We are all shaped by our experiences. With the ability to communicate in different languages, we can experience so much more, thus gaining a deeper understanding of how other people think and how the world works.

Currently, though, there is vast untapped potential to share knowledge in this way. Not even a tenth of one percent of what is written is available to people who cannot understand the author’s language. Wittgenstein’s limits are very real. So, while mining for oil and coal are no longer à la mode, Exfluency™ wishes to empower a spot of language mining.

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