The Exfluency™ Community

At Exfluency™, we’re building a strong community. A community that combines the expertise and talents of a diverse array of bilingual Subject Matter Experts and professional linguists from around the world.

A community of experts

Our community is trusted by global organisations to deliver the very best in translation. And offers a space where community members are valued, supported and rewarded fairly for their work.

From China to Chile, United States to The Netherlands, Pakistan to Poland, and everywhere in between; our Subject Matter Experts and linguists span the globe. With new members joining our community, we’re continually increasing our language combinations, providing more exciting opportunities for our community members and creating a circle of continuous growth.

When you join the Exfluency™ Community, you aren’t simply working on individual projects – you’re part of a team of experts who each play their part in creating high-quality language assets.



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